Seasons Seman  

Graduated from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design in May 2011 
For my most current resume, please e-mail me at helloseasons@gmail.com

Artist Statement:

My animation style includes but is not limited to: vibrantly colorful characters, a fluidity of movement, and meditative pauses. Hidden within a playful, simplistic storytelling style, I share my thoughts on subjects such as cross-cultural relations, coming of age, and shifting perceptions. I want the end result to be an experience as delicious as eating sliced fruit.

I enjoy exploring my media opportunities and prefer to cater my method and style of animation to the story. This has been especially true for my current stop motion project, which focuses on a family of nomads who herd wooly mammoths across an arctic tundra. The physicality of stop motion lends itself to a clearer representation of the tactile harshness of the nomads' environment.

  I SPY Picture Riddle  

I spy a mammoth, a cat and two birdies,
A butterfly, a sea shell, a pair of turtles;

A river, a rose quartz and nine other rocks,
Two dinosaurs and a city of blocks.